Samantha Abrams

Director, Strategy and Development (Alias: The Connector)

Samantha "Sam" Abrams, corporate  strategist and fundraiser, joined the staff of Black Women's Health Imperative on July 20, 2015.

As Director of Strategy and Development, Ms. Abrams will build strategic partnerships and direct fundraising efforts.

During 15 years in corporate roles, Ms. Abrams has specialized in marketing, project management, contract negotiation, strategic partnerships and public affairs.

Prior to joining the Imperative, she served as a consultant to government interest companies, non-profit associations and business owners.  Ms. Abrams also operated her family's restaurant in greater-Washington, D.C., which she co-owns.

Earlier, Ms. Abrams served GEICO Insurance Company for almost thirteen years in many capacities, including Public Affairs Specialist to Manager of Federal Programs. She was responsible for activating the federal workforce through strategic alignment and multi-channel advertising campaigns, and for managing and implementing a $3 million budget.  In her public affairs role at GEICO, Ms. Abrams executed the company’s social responsibility plans and diversity initiatives, including providing financial and talent support to organizations, activating and spearheading associate participation, and making philanthropic grants to non-profits nationwide.

Ms. Abrams currently serves on the Board of Directors for The EnVest Foundation, a philanthropic organization that develops young philanthropists. She was a 2011 recipient of the EnVest Foundation's "40under40 Award."  She has also served as a panelist for professional and nonprofit conferences,  including National Urban League’s annual conference, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, the Coalition for Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ annual meeting.

Ms. Abrams also served as a board member for Next Generation of Government Summit.  She holds a degree in Sociology from Bowie State University.

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